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Six ways to reduce stress during a divorce

A divorce is considered one of the most traumatic life experiences. Even if you are happy to be leaving your marriage, you are still experiencing a loss. Not to mention, all the details that need sorting out during a split. You must divide your property and your money. If you have kids, you and your ex must determine a child custody arrangement. You may also be looking for a new place to live.

With all of this on your plate, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Here are six ways to reduce stress during a divorce.

Get some exercise

Working out is a great way to relieve stress. You could go for a run, do yoga, lift weights, play basketball or even take up boxing. According to WebMD, when you work out, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins reduce pain and trigger feelings of positivity. Being active also distracts you from dwelling on negative thoughts.

Reach out to friends

Isolating yourself during a divorce is only going to make you feel worse. If you do not have many close friends living nearby, reach out via phone call, text or email. You could even invite a close friend or family member to stay with you for some time. Call a friend that lives in town, and ask them to meet up for drinks or dinner. Getting out of the house and talking to someone you love will make you feel much better.

Let yourself feel sad or angry

Trying to pretend you are okay is stressful. Feeling sad or angry is perfectly normal. Instead of pushing these feelings down, allow yourself to feel these things. Crying can be cathartic. Just try not to dwell on these feelings for too long.

Get rid of some stuff

You should not start tossing all your former partner’s clothing. However, getting rid of things can clear out some mental space. If a coffee mug or a chair reminds you of your ex, consider donating it. Decluttering also allows you to claim a formerly shared space as your own.

Pamper yourself

You likely are feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to get done. Stop and take a moment for yourself. Schedule a massage, get your nails manicured or treat yourself to nice meal with friends. If finances are tight, you can take a long bath, or turn your phone off and watch your favorite movie. Find something that relaxes you and do it.

Consider getting help

If you are feeling severely depressed, you may want to reach out a counselor. Or maybe all the details are overwhelming. You do not have solve everything on your own. Contact a family law attorney who can help settle all the details of your divorce legally and in your best interests.

Feeling stressed out is normal during a divorce. However, you can reduce your stress by practicing these self-care techniques.

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