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How long do grounds for divorce have to last?

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get a divorce, and very few are pleasant. The best you could possibly find is a couple that just realizes they are incompatible. If they still relatively get along, they can simply file for a “no-fault” divorce and handle the asset division with hopefully little controversy.

However, many Connecticut couples can have some disturbing or heartbreaking grounds for their separation. Since Connecticut is not strictly a “no-fault” state, divorcees can cite their reasoning and possibly gain an advantage in property division if the court believes their claims. Before you begin planning, it is crucial to note that certain legal grounds require a specific amount of time to pass before they can count legitimately. You must be able to distinguish which reasons can be cited immediately and which ones require an exact time period.

The danger of hiding assets during a divorce

A divorce is one of the most difficult, traumatic and expensive ordeals most people will ever experience. If you are enduring a divorce, there are undoubtedly questions regarding your assets buzzing in your head. Are you truly going to lose half of everything you own? What about things you had before the marriage? Can you keep your assets safe somewhere else during the divorce?

These are all large questions, but the small answer is that Connecticut does not require equal distribution, just fair distribution. And never, ever try to hide your assets during a divorce.


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