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Attorney Rubin's True Stories

"Not In My Own Name"

Attorney Rubin cross-examined the ex-husband who, claiming to be penniless, owed the ex-wife hundreds of thousands of dollars. Attorney Rubin again and again asked the ex-husband where his assets were. Asked again, "Do you have any bank accounts?" The ex-husband replied, "Not in my own name."

"I Better Tell The Truth"

Attorney Rubin questioned the husband about excessive spending, which he denied. Attorney Rubin picked up the next exhibit. Seeing the bank statement, the husband testified, "I see that you have my bank statement, so I better tell the truth." He then admitted the excessive spending he had just denied.

20 Restaurants

In a custody case in which a party's abstinence was in question, Attorney Rubin used credit card bills to subpoena about 20 restaurants for their bills, which showed multiple alcohol purchases per meal. The custody case settled in Attorney Rubin's client's favor.

The Undervalued Assets

Commercial real estate in Tennessee was valued on investment statements at approximately $1 Million. Engaging an appraiser in Tennessee, Attorney Rubin obtained a stipulation at trial that the real estate had a value of $5 Million.

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