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How Does a Tough Divorce Attorney Work For You?

Family law is about getting the outcomes that work best for your family. There are many ways to achieve that goal, but the most direct way is sometimes the most effective. Attorney David Rubin is a tough attorney with decades of family law service in Connecticut going back to 1984. Here are the reasons his toughness works for his clients.

Keeping Contact. Staying Responsive.

As a solo practitioner, David Rubin is dependent on being there for his clients in tough moments. He will return calls and emails within 24 hours. He does what it takes to keep you informed and up to date.

Empathy Drives Efficiency.

Just because he is strong does not mean he does not care about your situation. He is empathetic to his clients because he builds relationships with them. That gives him the drive to produce results quickly — to minimize pain.

Never Give Up Pursuing Hidden Assets.

He takes a strong approach in investigating cases. Large, complex property situations deserve intense scrutiny. No detail goes unexamined. If the opposition is concealing assets, they will be discovered.

Personally Deposing Witnesses No Matter Their Location.

David Rubin will go the distance for his clients. Literally. He will travel to personally take witness statements so he can have all the facts on hand. He cannot be surprised when he handles every aspect of your case.

He Is Not Intimidated By Opposing Counsel.

Experience and hard work has made David Rubin strong enough to move a case forward. He does not fall back when opposition tries intimidating tactics. He holds his ground. He holds your ground.

David Rubin Produces Results.

The essential point is that if you want a lawyer who will do what it takes to get you the right outcome, Attorney David Rubin is the right choice. He is aggressive and consolatory. He works hard and gives you his full attention. When you call 203-428-4958, he answers. Contact him by phone or email to set up a meeting in his New Haven or Stamford office.

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