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What You Need To Understand About Relocation

In any divorce proceeding, one of the biggest steps is settling custody and visitation. However, people's lives and priorities change in many ways throughout their lives. It is likely that your living situation or that of your ex will force a new reality on you and your children.

Since 1984, Attorney David Rubin has resolved challenging situations between parents when they need to move. These negotiations are complex and require an attorney known for his toughness and dedication to his clients' goals.

Problems In Relocation

Needing to move is a natural part of your life. In any event, moving causes disruptions to the balance of your child's life in unique ways such as:

  • Custody agreements: Legal custody, sole custody and joint custody agreements often assume a close proximity. Living in another state from your children would make holding onto your custody status quo difficult if not impossible to maintain.
  • Visitation: Some families maintain a weekly or bi-weekly visitation schedule. Moving across state lines complicates that. You may see your child far less than you wish.
  • Everyday relationships: The law in Connecticut does recognize visitation rights to grandparents. Any move that would complicate that relationship can become an issue.

Every decision about the relocation of a child is reviewable in Connecticut family court. You will want a lawyer working for you who will vigorously advocate for your needs. In the end, the best interests of your child will win out.

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David Rubin has the experience and knowledge of the law to help build a successful argument for your needs in relocation. Whether it is revisiting a sole custody agreement or challenging aspects of visitation, he will review your case to get you the best result. Contact him today by calling 203-428-4958 and set up an appointment to further discuss your case. He has offices in New Haven and Stamford.

You deserve to have a say in where your child lives.

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