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Why Getting A Prenuptial Agreement Make Sense

Getting married is an important time in anyone's life. It should be a happy occasion, but many people feel doubts as the big day approaches. Doubts are understandable, ignoring the underlying concerns of those doubts is not.

Attorney David Rubin has been helping married couples all over Connecticut confront their doubts before their marriage by crafting strong prenuptial agreements. While this is not a romantic experience, the comfort of knowing that your concerns have been legally addressed can help you put to bed your doubts for the future. You can focus on what really matters.

What Doubts Do Prenups Address?

The secret to a healthy and stable marriage is not much of a secret: It is open honest communication. The concerns anyone has going into a marriage are valid, and a prenuptial agreement can relax the stress. If you have worries about:

  • Combining your finances
  • The possibility of children
  • The fallout from future mistakes
  • Living situations and property

For any material concern, an agreement entered before the marriage will address them to your satisfaction. Since 1984, David Rubin has worked with couples seeking to settle their issues before walking down the aisle.

It is a service that people across Connecticut find valuable, and not only because it protects them. Prenuptial agreements force couples to confront the most difficult questions in their relationship as the go into a demanding institution. Many couples come out stronger for having done it.

Finding Solutions For Your Worries

David Rubin is an experienced, well-regarded and detail-oriented lawyer. He makes an individual commitment to his clients to protect their priorities and confront their problems. Call him today at 203-428-4958 and set up an appointment at his Stamford or New Haven office.

He answers every call. He returns every email. Your questions will be answered.


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