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After a divorce has been finalized, the anger and the memory of the painful fight lingers. Both spouses can feel that they had no control and are stuck with an unfair court order. For couples who are willing to work together, a divorce agreement allows both sides to have an equal say in every decision and save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Attorney David Rubin has been practicing family law in Connecticut since 1984. He has helped countless clients with the negotiation, drafting and review of separation and divorce agreements. From his office in Stamford, he works tirelessly to ensure that his clients' rights are protected and that any proposed agreement serves their best interests.

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There are a number of advantages to negotiating a divorce agreement as opposed to litigation. The process is typically shorter and the agreements tend to be more closely adhered to by the spouses. In addition, couples are typically more satisfied with the end result of a divorce agreement they were involved in negotiating.

Having an experienced divorce lawyer will help to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Divorce agreements cover every aspect of a typical divorce case, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Property division

Attorney Rubin will work with you to understand your goals and do everything he can to have them included in the final agreement. His focus is always to reach an agreement that fully accommodates your needs.

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Attorney David Rubin is hands-on and fully engaged in resolving your family law issues as quickly as possible. You can start now with a free consultation by calling 203-428-4958 or emailing.

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