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Appeals To Family Law Decisions

A court's decision is not final. If you are in a family law dispute and your case has come out in an unfavorable way, you have options. You are fighting for your family and your bottom line, and you want a lawyer who can serve you with toughness and compassion.

Attorney David Rubin has built a reputation for his toughness in court and his dedicated personal service to clients. People call him because they know he takes the lead on cases and reviews every part of them to build a new argument. If you need your family law case appealed, contact a lawyer with decades of experience. Contact David Rubin.

The Difference Experience Makes

An appeal to a higher court calls for a refined approach to the evidence and arguments that came before. A case that was not successful in court the first time may find a more sympathetic or more favorable outcome when your lawyer has:

  • Decades of legal knowledge to draw from
  • The toughness to move past initial setbacks
  • The perseverance to argue using tested strategies
  • A confident persona before Connecticut appellate justices

Your case needs every advantage you can get for it to be successful. Whether it is an appeal of a child custody agreement, a property division settlement or spousal support, there is a chance to get it changed. Your priorities must be respected, and it takes the right lawyer to make sure that happens.

Contact An Attorney With The Right Background

From his offices in Stamford and New Haven, David Rubin has been resolving complex family law appeals in his clients' favor since 1984. He is hands-on and detail oriented. When you reach out by calling 203-428-4958 or emailing using this form, you will get him. He will answer your call, your questions and your appeal.


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