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Client Reviews

I have known attorney David Rubin since 2006. I hired him to represent me as the result of my ex taking me back for modification, a never ending ordeal...If attorney Rubin had represented me from the beginning. I would have felt less stress and trauma coming from my ex and his attorney who are overloaded with greed and ego. Mr. Rubin has earned my RESPECT and TRUST with his sound INTEGRITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

Attorney David Rubin represented me in a longstanding, complex divorce. He also assisted in the appeal process. His appeal was an impressive presentation of legal issues. I very much respect his thoroughness and professionalism. He made me comfortable during this process. He represented me impressively in the court setting and because of this I had a positive result. No divorce process is simple, but he assisted me thoroughly in this complex process. I strongly urge you to consider consulting with him if you are looking for a competent, thorough, caring divorce lawyer.

Attorney Rubin helped me get through a difficult divorce in 2006 and keep joint custody of my two children. He was always very direct and to the point, which I really appreciated - our meetings were no longer than they needed to be, which saved me some $$; and I think this pushed the other lawyer to do the same generally. I felt I could trust his knowledge of what we could and should do in my situation. I didn't feel that with my first lawyer, which was scary at times, and encouraged me to look for a better lawyer. Atty Rubin's billing was very fair also - I didn't have any surprise hours or fees. Rubin is the first attorney I will recommend if I have any friends going into a tough divorce.